Ad Mad Show

“Creativity without strategy is called art,
Creativity with strategy is advertising.”

What makes brands?How do they survive in this world of cutthroat competition? After all, ‘Darr ke age Jeet hai’! There is a creator in every one of us, to explore yours, our School proudly presents Ad-Mad Show – ‘Where Creativity meets Madness’.

Today an Inter House Competition – Ad Mad Show held in Manaskriti by Grade 6th to 9th students.
Each team showcase their talent by framing different products by unique brands like Mint Plus Toothpaste, Framekart specs, Trulse Toffee, Pear Phone, Yking Shoes, London Berry life Insurance and Zunmun Clothing.
Mesmerising performances were done by each team.
Each team was judged on 3 parameters – Innovation and Creativity, Customer Appeal and Overall Script and Presentation.
Mint Plus Toothpaste took over the show and became the Winner as their ad consist all the elements of creativity and madness.
Pear Phone stood at IInd Position inspiring the youth to buy Pear Phone due to their remarkable features instead of Apple Iphone.
Trulse Toffee stood at IIIrd Position leaving a mouth watering effect in audience.
A special thanks to our respected Principal Ma’am, Vijaya Ma’am and Judges for giving us the motivation and strength to make this show a good success.

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