Book Reading Session

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes” What else can be better than the dreams of making this world a haven!

The students of Manaskriti School Grade 3rd and 4th witnessed the exuberant book reading session held by Miss Namrata Jain.

She introduced the students to her books Namaste Kabir, Namaste Rahim and Namaste Tulsidas inspired by the famous Hindi poets: Kabir, Tulsidas, and Rahim. Each chapter of the book starts with a Doha, which has been thoughtfully selected and faithfully rendered into a story, rhythmical and appropriate. The stories attempt to retain the beauty of rhyme and assonance, the special features of a ‘dohas’, which account for their musicality, memorability and the lesson they want to teach.

During the session, Miss Namrata Jain addressed the students and motivated them to read more beautiful Hindi poetry and learn the true meaning behind them. It was indeed an interactive and motivating session!

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