school events

Chess Competition

Chess is all about strategy.Participants play with plan and they make a move with in-sight and knowledge.In the post pandemic new normal Manaskriti school became the host of Chess Tournament 2022 held on 23rd and 24th April’2022.The opening ceremony was marked by the honourable principal of Manaskriti School, Ms Jyoti Bhalla.Manaskriti provided a platform for …

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Earth Day

Earth is our home and mother nature is the most beautiful creation of the god .Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth day to support the environmental protection and raise awareness about the climatic crises . This day also emphasizes on the solution through which we can save our mother land . As we …

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kahaani ek rang karmi ki

Theatre- the best form of communication! In the current scenario where everything is digital and pre recorded, live theatre brings in a new energy for everyone! Children and parents of Manaskriti enjoyed a beautiful play by Haryana Kala Parishad- Kahaani ek rang karmi ki .

Aarambh 2022-23

Aarambh-our orientation at Manaskriti which was for our pre primary wing – anmol! With the cultural values of our diverse country children presented various music and dance forms and also a combination of western drums and Indian classical music! The spirit of every child came forward today!!

Sports day with parents

Today, we all were one family! With parents playing on the grounds and badminton courts, the school was buzzing with energy! As shared by a parent, that it was an honour playing in their child’s school after playing in their own school so many years back! The emotions and energy was truly heartwarming as the …

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Professional development

As the famous saying of Malcolm X goes, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”, and indeed it is. As passport needs renewal & reissue, similarly we all need continuous learning and growth! With the endeavour to revolutionize our education system to bring about a …

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Emotional wellness session

The second session of Emotional Wellness conducted on 25th Feb’22. Students of Grade 9 and 10 got a rubric to self assess themselves with their attitudes, emotional well being and happiness quotient. They were also given a Gratitude Journal to study and maintain daily gratitude! The session was completely enriched by life coach Ms Aruna …

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Outdoor excursion

School life is the true essence of childhood! Today our Manaskriti minds rejuvenated themselves before they appear for the final assessments! Suraj Garh farms brought them closer to nature and adventure as they explored so many adventure sports and indigenous games. Happy children makes a happy society!!

A day at manaskriti

Glimpses of a beautiful sunny morning! With our Principal ma’am being surrounded by the lovely manaskriti minds, it was a day full of laughter and happiness! While addressing the students she mentioned how we all at Manaskriti are ready to welcome the students back to school! School is back to life again!

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