French Festival

Today in Manaskriti School, we got the opportunity to celebrate the French festival called “FETE DES ROIS / L’EPHIPHANIE”.

The Christmas celebrations may be over but Twelfth night holds a speacial place. This date represents the date on which Christmas decorations are traditionally taken down and packed away for another year.

But Epithany, a Christian feastday falls on January 6 or on the Sunday between January 2 and January 8. It represents the day on which the Magii, the three kings arrived in Bethlehem to visit Baby Jesus.

With so many such festivals, the French will mark this date by eating -The Galette des Rois, the King’s Cake, is a frangipane tart made with buttery puff pastry and is made throughout France to celebrate Epiphany. 

Traditionally, a trinket known as a ‘fève’ is hidden inside the galette des rois. The finder of the fève is crowned king or queen for the day and has to wear the paper or cardboard crown that inevitably comes with cakes.

Similarly, we also celebrated this festival. The French students were shown a PPT to know about this tradition after which they not only watched & listened to a French song “ON VA MANGER LA GALETTE” but they also sang and danced on its tune. To check their understanding, they also did a QUIZ. At last, we had cut the special cake GALETTE (available only in the month of January); the youngest child went under the table to call out the names of the other students to receive the slices of the cake and finally we found the “QUEEN OF THE DAY” and she was crowned.

Our principal ma’am, Ms. Jyoti Bhalla and headmistress, Ms. Vijaya Sethi graced the occasion with their presence and encouraged the students to participate well in the quiz and the song throughout this event. 

We thank our Principal Ma’am to let students explore the different culture and its tradition.

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