How manaskriti creating innovators

Build to adapt and face the new challenges with Manaskriti

Schools as institutes build the basis of all learnings, and with the changing
dimensions, educational institutes should also restructure and reform their
ways of looking at the education methods.
At Manaskriti, we build a culture of encouraging children to solve problems of
the current scenario and also build them towards the changing scenarios. The
problems of today may not exist tomorrow, thus relying on the conventional
pedagogies would not help the future learners of the society to contribute in a
fruitful manner. Children should be constantly given an understanding of the
multi-dimensional career opportunities and trained towards adapting to the
forthcoming changes.

Children are groomed towards developing their own passion and skill-
development is given focus. Skills that are necessary for the coming future
which encompasses the design thinking skills, analytical reasoning skills, and
problem-solving skills. Through collaborations and peer assessments they work
and critique each other’s work to come up with sustainable solutions.

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