At Manaskriti, we encourage open lines of communication with parents. Parents-as-partners is a philosophy that integrates our parents into all aspects of our curriculum, classroom and beyond.

Every month there are open days in school, where parents are invited to come and discuss their child’s progress and give their feedback. We believe that through dialogue and mutual respect we can build a healthy learning environment.

During the year, we invite parents to join discussion groups, roundtables, and other events to continue the dialogue. We create opportunities for parents to actively engage in their child’s learning, inviting their knowledge and contribution in and beyond the classroom.

Parents can participate in various volunteering opportunities like storytelling, career guidance, skill, and hobby sharing and provide mentorship for the Manaskriti learner, thereby actively engaging in the overall learning process.

Manaskriti regularly conducts professional workshops for parents on life skills, teaching methodology, adolescent issues, sustainable craft, etc.

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