Preparing Students for 2030

It’s clear that the ecosphere needs more modernisation and more entrepreneurs. So how
can we develop and nurture that next generation of dynamos and dreamers?
Two decades ago, careers like social media strategists, actuarial scientists, anthropologists,
data analysts and AI coders were unheard of. As the job landscape evolves, students need
to have an entrepreneurial mind-set to adapt quickly to changes. A futuristic and open mind-
set enables students to be prompt in perceiving and grasping opportunities, while being
creative with new ideas and perspectives. This will prepare students to “identify and ride
trends” and react nimbly even as new developments emerge.
At Manaskriti, we believe in community engagements and collaboration with respective
fields. We are always involved in developing the young minds with creativity and exploration
by identifying and nurturing entrepreneurship in children.
We encourage free-thinking that helps them gain self-confidence in their ideas and abilities.
Being empathetic and applying the principles of entrepreneurship which helps students
comprehend the outcome of their determinations.
The entire campus is filled with natural material and sensory – experience like our
Montessori lab or our lush green organic garden, to blur the boundaries between
conventional classroom teaching and outdoor learning and play.
With learning for sustainability at the heart of Manaskriti School, the facilities and
infrastructure transcend traditionally confined roles of age and subject to cross disciplinary,
cross cultural and cross generational environments.
Our mission is to nurture change makers with a passion and a relentless commitment to
make our world sustainable. We believe each one of our students has the potential to affect
change and make a difference and through our unique curriculum program of Umang and
Lead, we empower students, to innovate, create, and discover their potential.
Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skillset and a way of thinking and
that’s why we have created various platforms like industrial trainings and skill building
programs to help students, develop a mindset and ‘heartset’ that they can use for a lifetime,
no matter what they choose to become. 
This new tribe of ‘manas-preneurs’ are promoting innovative start-ups and simultaneously
learning valuable business and life skills that will enable them to succeed in evolving
workplaces of the future.
Together, let’s develop resilient, confident children equipped for the challenges of today and

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