SGFI Volleyball Tournament

“The most important contribution of sports in children’s life is the enhancement of physical and mental development of children.”

Volleyball is one such games which balance the roughness with discipline. The whole game is based on intuition & imagination but most of all the reciprocity of teamwork. The display of talent and enthusiasm was a sight to behold as students of 20+ schools, 450 players participated in Girls Volley Ball Tournament organised by the SGFI (Sports Games Federation of India) in Manaskriti School, Greater Faridabad on 8th September 2022. The match commenced by oath taking ceremony by Principal Mam – Jyoti Bhalla Mam followed by coin toss to determine who is to serve the ball, and the courtside by coordinator Meenu Sharma Mam. The players were ready for the tournament, everyone had practised hard & finally, it was the time of competing with each other. The Winners of the tournament were under 14 – Holy Child Public School, under 17 – Satyug Darshan Vidayala, under 19 – Holy Child Public School, Sec – 29.

Wining & losing is a part of the game, participation is what matters! Someone wins and someone loses. But what is important is to learn, that there is always the next opportunity to do better than the last time.

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