summer fun

With the onset of Summer, it gets essential to refresh and replenish our body with some cool beverages to beat the heat. To introduce our little ones to one such lip-smacking drink.Our little munchkins had a great time preparing the lemonade by squeezing the lemon, sprinkling the sugar and salt and stirring the mixture with their tiny fingers. One could sense the excitement around and their sparkling eyes were worth watching as the delicious lemonade tickled their taste buds on sipping it up. The activity gave our young learners a hands-on experience of making a glass of lemonade and they relished every bit of it. The task added to the sensory learning of our little ones and reinforced their fine motor skills in a fascinating way. It was a fun based learning experience for our little Manaskriti Minds which will be cherished by them forever with a smile.

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