Teacher’s Day Celebration

“A teacher is like a candle, it burns itself to light the path of others.”

To remark and express gratitude to the educators of Manaskriti, the Teacher’s day was celebrated with full zeal. The day kicked off with a warm welcome at the entrance and cheerful performances by students of grade 11. Thoughtfully chosen titles were given to the teachers by principal ma’am as she showered her blessings and motivated the educators. Keeping up with the ritual of ages, the senior most class students dressed up as educators and taught the junior grades.

A well planned and entertaining event, “Happiness Avenue” was also put up by the Design Thinking Team of Manaskriti for the teachers. From Karaoke and games to a Kulhad Painting Competition, everyone was in full spirit. Students also showcased Art Attack Zone, Earthly and set up the canteen with delicious snacks.

We wrapped of the day with our guest, Ms. Pooja Gupta – an RJ and happiness coach who brought even more shine to the entire day by hosting “draw your childhood activity” and a ramp walk with the showstopper, Ms. Jyoti Bhalla- our principal. We also had our very own “Dilli ki Chatore Gully” to deal with the cravings. 😋

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