University Career Fair in collaboration with Zenit Excellencia

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today”.

In the quickly evolving, adapting, and progressing world of today, new career paths are continually emerging, traditional ones are changing, and changes in occupation skills and educational needs are happening. It is important for educators and students to be ready to meet the demands of this rapid growth and equip oneself with the right strategy.

To help students make informed decisions after exploring various options available to them, Manaskriti School organised a University Career Fair in collaboration with Zenit Excellencia for students of grade 9-12. The Fair saw active participation from our Manaskriti Minds as well as students from several other schools who interacted with over 30+ national and international universities. Students also had a chance to get their career counseling done with the help of psychometric tests that gauge their skills, aptitude, interests and personality.

The chief guest, Mr. Paul J. Page, the headmaster of King’s College, Rohtak addressed the students and shared his almost 27 years of experience. His inspiring words were a source of immense motivation for students to approach their futures with open mindedness, multiple skills, and initiative taking abilities. Principal ma’am, Mrs Jyoti Bhalla also wished the students luck and encouraged them to carefully analyse all the information they gather and indulge in a systematic decision making process.

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