workshop on POCSO

“The more light we shine on child sexual abuse, the less shadows there are for abusers to hide in”Keeping the same in mind, a workshop was organised for children in Grade 8- Grade 10 on ‘Protection of Children from Sexual Offences, act’.It was conducted by Ms. Reshma Bhown, Assistant Professor at Manav Rachna University & Special Educator at Manav Rachna International School. Ms. Bhown highlighted the importance of use of correct terminology for body parts, delineated the various form of abuse covered under the realm of the act, threw light on various warning signs of sexual abuse and reiterated ways to prevent and stop child sexual abuse.She talked about ‘Mandatory Reporting’ and various child friendly procedures.The session ended with children being introduced to POCSO e box.The purpose of organizing such workshops is creating a safe and secure school environment for all children. #manaskritischool#psych.ohh.pedia

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